Nov 27, 2008

Permeable Pavers Driveway Installation Finished!

The permeable pavers driveway installation project was finished last week. The grass around the construction area won't grow in now, but the seeds are there "sleeping" till next spring. So it doesn't quite have that finished look yet.

This is how it looked before the driveway installation. Something was missing!

We drove up for the first time a couple of weeks ago..., just couldn't wait to see and feel how steep the hill was. It was no problem at all.

This and the next shot I took today. I love that I can now drive up to the house and don't have to haul groceries up the hill anymore. Peter then drives down backwards..., eventually I will try that too (and get used to it). Turning the car around is also an option but it takes a few turns. The permeable pavers start/stop right at the edge by the stairs leading up to the large front porch.

This is the compacted gravel parking area which is very solid. You don't even see a trace of the car on it. Even though the permeable pavers driveway installation (with the stone wall and hedges) went way over budget because we wanted/needed more pavers we're very happy with it.


Gene said...

Looks great! And a nice eco-friendly solution.

Tiffany said...

I agree - it looks fantastic - and I'm sure it makes running errands and hauling stuff into the house a million times easier!