Apr 7, 2008

Kitchen Ceiling: Holes for Can Lights

When I came home yesterday from my meditation getaway I found all the holes cut out on the kitchen ceiling for the can lights and the support beam has been sheetrocked and coated with joint compound. The dust that was spinning around while drilling those holes was unreal, so I hear. I can still smell it. I am glad I missed that part. There is no compound left so in order to continue finishing the ceiling and the walls we have to re-stock. Perhaps I do some plant research in the meantime.


Muskego Jeff said...


Try this for your next batch of compound. I'm going to try it when I need to mix up some more.

Ethan said...

Are you putting the lights in yourself? I'm curious how it goes. I plan on adding recessed lighting to my basement.

Maya said...

Jeff, thanks, I couldn't get to that site yet, came up empty, but will try again.
Yes, Ethan it's a do it yourselfer..., we bought the cans (recessed lighting) at home depot. There is different sizes (diameters and depth)and they come in two parts, the shell, which you will not see and the casing. The one we chose mounts on the sheetrock ceiling itself, which should be pretty easy to install..., but will see. I think the wiring is really the hard part.

About me said...

Got it Jeff, thanks! We'll look for it at home depot, or our local hardware store up the road.