Dec 4, 2008

Creating a New Kitchen

Creating a new kitchen...., now more like "waiting" for a new and free kitchen..., well free cabinets that is. We've heard it happens, people ripping out brand new cabinetry. Old cabinets would be fine too as long as they're good quality wood -that's something we can work with. Until then we live with the kitchen as is.

So the floor is finished now, all patched up and repaired with original wood planks salvaged from underneath the fridge and other places. Next will be the installation all the can lights as well as a door for the washer/dryer unit that you see on the far right. Just imagine an L-shaped counter top along the wall and where the couch is, left to the sink a stove/oven, right to the sink a dishwasher and in place of the table a large magnificent kitchen island with two bar stools.

Some Kitchen Ideas:

It's either this sink (seen at BHG -click image) or an undermounted more traditional one. These windows just look like the ones in our kitchen!

I like this island style from House to Home. It feels spacious and offers a comfortable seating area.

Or this simple butcher block island from Coastal Living (without the sink). This stage of creating a new kitchen is fun...and I'm sure I'll be collecting more ideas.


Tiffany said...

I LOVE the sink and the Island theme with the shutter cabinets! My husband and I are in the dream stage too and can't believe what people put up for sale on Craigs list...

Anita said...

I have to say I like the 2ns or 3rd picture. I had one of those sinks exactly like in the first picture in my last Victorian. I hunted it down, had special brackets made to hang it on the wall (they are sooo heavy) and everything. I had no dishwasher ( remember, old Victorian) and so I had to do the dishes for me and 2 girls in it. Too small. Not deep enough. One bowl, no way to rinse. Cute look for a weekend cottage but not so practical.

I love that you have so much done. I am jealous you have so much done as well. A year, you say? You are worker bees for sure!