Mar 21, 2009

Some landscaping or rather Mud Slide Prevention

Since we had run off problems causing mud slides after the Driveway Construction we decided to put down some gardening cloth...

... the cloth allows the grass to grow through it and over time the sun will break it down and the cloth will disappear on its own...

... but what about all the metal pins that we used to hold the cloth down to the ground, can we leave those too, I wonder...

... for now, we just wait and see.

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March 25, 2009 at 8:50 AM delete

I was wondering why you ran your driveway up from "below" the house when there is a street right behind your house?

My apologies if you already covered this. I didn't see it addressed in your earlier postings.


March 25, 2009 at 2:25 PM delete

Believe me we considered that. We would have had to fill up a very large area to make the space needed for parking even to the road. And since it is a Main Road and a State Road, we couldn't have had a driveway/parking where we had to back out onto the road, which meant that the area that needed to be built up would have been very large, needing a pretty tall retainer wall..., can you see the cost rise? At first we thought a circular driveway, right along to road could work..., but then we made the decision that we wanted to "get away" from the Main Road, block it off so to speak..., now when we drive up, we don't even see the road (because the parking is lower). I guess at the end of all considerations we based our decision on what we thought looked and "felt" better, the only downside is that the driveway is somewhat steep, and not everybody might be comfortable with that.