Feb 5, 2008

Designing Walk In Closet -Wire Shelving System, not so great

I thought the wire shelving system was a good idea for a small walk in closet, but unfortunately when I began to hang the clothes one of the shelves dislodged from the bar designed to hold it up..., or really more out -it seems to be designed to work under tension. I tied them down with picture hanging wire for now, but will replace them with something rock solid. I also concluded that I want the clothes to hang higher and then install drawers underneath.


Muskego Jeff said...

If you had the support bars lined up with the shelve the way the picture shows, it came apart because it wasn't installed right. There is a little groove in the top of that support bar where it attaches to the shelve. It's hard to describe, but the support bar needs to be moved about 1/2" left or right so the shelf bars line up with the groove in the bar. Once the support bar is attached to the wall, it might be too late to be able to do this though.

Maya said...

Thanks! I do that. The shelves come apart anyway since I realized that they need to be up higher. If this makes them solid then I'll stick with the wire system..., and thanks again for your comment.