Feb 4, 2008

Still Building and Designing that Walk In Closet

The dust part is over, walls are painted and I've tackled the carpet, and as I so often do I start a project, learn while doing, then redo. So I had the carpet all tucked under the treshhold and nailed down only to find out that it didn't roll out straight. Now it is in and glued down too and I can proceed installing the heater cover which I cleaned up and painted, the floor moldings and of course shelving. As far as designing the walk in closet goes, it's two 6' long shelves with hanger bar on each side so far. We definitely need some drawers, space for a laundry basket..., it will all answer itself once I start using the room.


Anonymous said...

The closet will be terrific when done. A shade or curtain on the window will prevent bleaching of blues, etc. Loved your winter tour of Tiverton.

Maya said...

Thanks Elise..., the closet will take a bit longer though, but we are coming close to have the upstairs completely done.