Oct 15, 2008

Build Retaining Wall

Build retaining wall? There are many ways to do it and stacking up large natural boulders is what we chose to do...

To build the retaining wall was the first step in our driveway/parking project. It took three truck loads of large natural rocks from the local stoneyard to cover the length of our property line toward Main Road.

We chose to build a retaining wall with boulders because we wanted something stronger and more durable than a fence and we were looking to blend in with the surrounding area as well as keep within a certain budget. There are lush hedges and trees along the roadside of other people's properties and only ours stood exposed with nothing green.

To the road the boulders are between 2.5 and 3 feet above the boardwalk. The space in the middle is approx. 2.5 feet wide and 40 hedges will be planted there. And I'm sure there will be plenty of space in the bed to add color with smaller plants and flowers next Spring. I also intend to soften up the stone look with creepers and ground coverings.

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