Sep 23, 2008

Wood Floor Repairs

A break from cutting wood in the basement on Sunday. We'll be piecing and blending the floor together where the wall was removed. The now joined rooms that make up the kitchen unfortunately do not have the same wood floor. Hopefully it'll work out.


Sara Small Town said...

I love your work with your beautiful old house!

The Blue Painted Wood Door is just perfect! You are truly renovating your home with love :-)

We are also renovating (and extending our house, built 1900) It´s determination and hard work to get the house of your dream.

Some call us dreamers, others call us crazy, but my husband and I do believe our house is worth it.

In a small coastal town in Sweden

Maya said...

Thanks Sara. We fell in love with the location and the price was right and so we went to work..., and it was and still is definitely worth it!