Jun 17, 2008

Nothing Says NO TRESPASSING more Politely than a Row of Happy Little Privets

That was our weekend project. Does not look like much..., but it included correcting a mistake. I had dug a ditch (plant bed) some time ago and had left a mount of dirt which overgrew with weeds. So there was a lot of weeds to pull and soil to move. I had created a bed because I thought I wanted the mulch look, then changed my mind. And the real reason: I had been overcome by a compulsive reaction to yet another trespasser living up to "Old Habits Die Hard"..., and I thought, "May They All Tumble Over Dirt And Fall Into A Ditch". And SUCCESS. Habits broken without injuries and those otherwise dear co residents of Tiverton began to walk AROUND our property. Part of the project of course was getting the plants. So we drove out to the beautiful country side of South Eastern MA and visited Sylvan Nursery and have plenty of mosquito bites to show for it.

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