May 5, 2008

The Other Old Wood Door

The other old wood door is in the kitchen and leads out to Main Rd. For the previous owners this was the main entry, but for us it's the back entry. We use the door that leads out to the porch and that Peter is destined to strip of its green as the front entry. It has the extra fancy moldings, which makes me believe that it was always meant the be the main entry. But back to the back entry door, the door in the picture. We agreed on doing it my way and my way always involves throwing something away. So we took out the paint cluttered moldings and junked them and the surface was clear to be sanded, easy. Now we just buy new moldings, nail them on, clear coat with water based Poly, reattach the shiny restored door hardware (scroll down to see) and we'll have a beautiful new old wood back door.

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