Apr 25, 2008

All Island Landscaping: Curb Appeal coming Soon

We had Byron from All Island Landscaping in Portsmouth over yesterday because we both can't see ourselves digging 20something holes for a row of 5 to 6 foot tall Privet Shrubs along our 80something foot long property line on Main road, not to mention the cypress tree that will come with a root ball the size of our Ford Explorer (I wildly imagine). Byron also told us that our lovely very green grass around the new septic system is not rice grass but rye grass (Peter must have had dinner in mind when the septic guy told him what kind of grass it was). He also warned us that this rye grass is going to die this year and will turn into a stack of hey..., and a farmer I am not, so my guess, Byron will be back when that happens. So much for my easy landscaping idea. All Island Landscaping will also construct our gravel parking spot. It should all happen in a few weeks.

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