Feb 20, 2008

The Gravel Bed of the New Septic System is Settling. Problem?

Today when I went out to the porch to check the temperature and looked down to the Septic Gravel Bed I felt that it had settled some more. I find it strange that it is just in this one spot. We had left a message for Clement Rose Excavating Inc. who was the installer of the New Septic System (hired by the previous owner) to find out whether this is a problem or whether we simply need to add more gravel, but no answer. I guess we have to chase him down...Does anybody know perhaps?


Muskego Jeff said...

Not knowing what is under there, it looks like the gravel is doing more than just settling. I had a broken drain pipe outside our old house and it was causing a sink-hole like that. Very localized, just like your picture. If there is a pipe or tank under that gravel I'd bet there is a break and it's getting in.

Maya said...

Thanks Jeff. Yes, there are pipes under the gravel. There is a lot of dirt settling going on around it too which we will fill up in spring..., of course I hope that there is nothing broken. I wish the installer Clement Rose would return our calls (We have no written work warranty, just his word).
Happy Remodeling Jeff and thanks for your visits!