Aug 22, 2007

Old Window Painting and Mind wandering

Today is a practice what I preach day. As I am painting the old windows upstairs I am thinking that this is taking so long, so much longer than I thought, and I will not be done today, this is moving too slow, blablabla. I remind myself that I create my experience with what I think and believe, not with what I do (that's what I preach). While coating windows with paint I repeat thoughts that generate a much better feeling and experience...and on that note I have to recommend this DVD The Secret: a bunch of people explaining and talking about the law of attraction, and how we create our feelings and experiences and so forth.


donald said...

hey maya...great blog...i was doing a search on coastal roasters and saw you had a photo...i am the founder of coastal roasters, along with (x) wife lisa who does virtually all the tuff stuff these days...i help out in the background...thanx for dropping that line in there about famous - not sure if that's the case, but hope you enjoy it as part of your coastal experience...i just moved down the road abit in little compton and luv your coastal lamps - anyway to get in touch with them here in town? nice work on that house by the corner - what a sweet spot! donald machado 401/808-0268 or

Maya said...

Not sure about famous but certainly popular..., I sell my shades on my website, don't do any wholesale to retailers, only briefly I did and The Beach House in Newport carried some. Good to hear from someone local too. Thanks for your note!