Aug 24, 2007

Refinish Old Wood Floor with Gaps

I love the old wood floors, including the gaps. Some like to fill them with rope, wood filler, etc. I don't. Even though my taste is more contemporary and clean looking since owning this old house I strive for a contemporary rustic look. I am now about to get another room ready after having refinished some more windows. So I'll be spending the day(s) cleaning out the dirt in between the gaps. I had someone advice me to just leave the dirt, but that is not an option for me..., rustic and clean it has to be.

A considerable amount of dirt has accumulated in these gaps. Found some hair pins and ear rings too. Could this be the next American Invention Old Wood Floor Dirt in between Gaps Remover? I am wondering how many people are busy today doing just that. 10, 1000..., or 10,000 others?


Erik said...

A paint/varnish stripper will help as most of the debris have been finished into the floor groves, also a helpful tool would be a laminate slitter. Apply the stripper and wait 10 min then suck it out with a shop vac in a ventilated space.

Nate and Jen said...

What did you use to get the dirt out?

Maya said...

Used long blade scraper.