Aug 17, 2007

Lowes and Home Depot are not the place to shop for Medicine Cabinets and Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Last night was a trip for nothing. Lowes and Home Depot are a twenty five minutes drive and we were hoping to find the medicine cabinets and/or vanity bathroom mirrors for the new bathroom upstairs as well as the lighting fixtures. We could not find any cabinets or mirrors in solid wood. I also did not like any of the lighting fixtures. It has to be chrome and the selection was small. Brushed Nickel seems to be the trend.


marye said...

I am sure you have..but have you checked ebay? I usually can find what I want there...and some of the small online places?

Maya said...

Have not checked ebay..., but will. Thanks! Also I looked into unfinished wood furniture places. And yes, I am browsing the net but not yet too motivated since there is still more basic stuff to long.