Jul 17, 2007

Cost of Plumbing Materials

I am still a little bit in shock about the cost of the new plumbing. Or perhaps I just thought that Ed would credit us more than 400 for the redo. Once we had agreed to lower the kitchen ceiling they went right ahead running all the vent and sewage pipes...but there is a beam and once they were further along we were told that the ceiling would drop below 8 feet. Didn't we make it clear from the start that the ceiling cannot be lower than 8 feet? I am almost sure we did, but not 100%..., so no grounds for a serious complaint. Well, on the other hand we got everything done, even stuff we didn't know we needed such as a vent pipe for the kitchen sink. I wonder about the cost of materials. So far 2000. Doesn't that seem just a bit high?

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Anonymous said...

I guess a plumbing estimate in writing would have been a good idea. However, most construction projects I have been involved with go over the estimate 15-20 %. However it is done, at last. Elise