Oct 8, 2007

Turning Single Pane Old Glass Windows into Double Pane Windows

All our Old Glass Windows are Single Pane Windows and to keep the cold weather out I am adding second panes in form of 3/16" thick Polycarbonate Sheets, turning each Single Pane Glass Window into a Double Pane Window. Sheets are screwed onto the wood frame, edges are then painted to hide the screws. Since the lower Windows are now a bit heavier with the Sheet attached I mounted handles on the bottom. Some lower Windows are loose enough that they still move over the top one -now with the sheet attached-, others have to have some wood shaved off. This is an ongoing project that I have started several weeks ago. It took a bit of experimenting too. The Poly Sheets are highly static and it is crucial that their protective covers stay on for all the pre-drilling. At first I mounted the ones for the top windows (which don't move) on the outside, drilled two little holes so the moisture can escape, but some moisture still did built up and due to the static left traces. Besides insulation The Poly Sheets have the benefit of being unbreakable. Despite all the work this takes I feel good about keeping the old glass windows...

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Tom (www.casadekitty.com) said...

Hey thanks for the great and informative post!

I'm looking for something similar for my old windows. However, I'm looking to do the mounting on the outside of the frame. My windows have old brackets for old screens and storm windows. So I'm looking for something that would allow me to use those, for both needs.

I've priced glass storm windows - OUCH - so now I'm looking at building them myself. Is the poly material you used rated for outdoor use?

Thanks again & good luck with your project!