Jul 10, 2007

Plumbing Redo

At this point I have stopped following all the vent pipes. All I know is that most of them had to be redone because we would have lost too much ceiling height. The kitchen has turned into a complete mess since Mo when they had to cut more of the ceiling out. I spent the last two days restoring windows in the dining room.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bathroom problems. When l00 years ago the bathrooms were put into the 1713 Museum building, they chose to raise the floor on the second floor and cover the pipes with this raised floor. I am not sure you want to do this, but it is an alternative.
Best of luck. Elise

Maya said...

Thanks Elise. Raising the floor...that option just never came up. I assume it's not done like that anymore. Now it's all reorganized and back to normal. It will take a few more days and we will definitely be over the initial amount of 6500.