Apr 23, 2008

Stripping Paint off our Old Wood Entry Door, or my Love for Old Wood has reached an end

Peter wants to bring the entry door that leads out to the porch back to its previous life preserving all the details. So I gave it a try today and began stripping off the green paint. The orange gel stripper that helps save the planet did not work at all, the other one that's environmentally unfriendly did get some of the green paint off, but the fumes made me sick to my stomach, and the result left me unimpressed. My love for old wood has officially come to an end with this door and I gladly sacrifice the details and suggest that we forget about it (meaning that Peter forgets about of course because I already have) and turn to good old sanding.


dynochick (Jan) said...

I stripped my wooden doors (ironically painted the same green color) using the Citrus stripper. The trick is to layer it on thick, don't over brush it, and let it sit overnight.

Of all the paint that I have stripped, that dark green is by far the hardest to remove. Plus it seems to stain the wood green. I was able to remove the green stain by sanding.

Good luck. The door looks to be in great condition. I love dutch colonials. My first house was a 1921 dutch colonial.

About said...

Thanks Jan for your visit. It's good to hear that the Citrus stripper might work after all..., I'll pass that on to my husband who is still very determined to make it happen.

the red lily toolbag said...

Well I guess guess I'm not only when it comes to stripped layers of paint off items. However, my project was.. well..time consuming. Yeah. My husband and I brought a 1910 Dutch colonial rowhouse in New Jersey. We have a fireplace in our master bedroom..well the prior owners decided to apply layers, upon layers of paint. It took 3 to days to strip; just to find wood putty in 10 to 15 holes. So, I did the unthinkable. I painted the fireplace white to match the trim. I gave up. Yeah..paint is wonderful.

I love your panel door and it looks really good. Good luck on the rest of your projects.

Anonymous said...

PeelAway is by far the best way I have found to chemically remove paint. I have been using it on my 90 year old trim and doors with great success. It will remove up to 30 layers with one application and it doesn't even give off fumes. It is basically a really strong lye, so it is not nearly as environmentally unfriendly as other chemical strippers.