Mar 13, 2008

Which Cobble Stone Pavers for the Gravel Parking Area?

We just received some samples of Cobble Stone Pavers for the 5 foot wide apron for the new gravel driveway/parking area from a local landscaper. Four to choose from. I am glad to see this project developing.


Anonymous said...

I vote for the top right one.
How difficult do you think it will be to shovel snow off the gravel? I have been thinking about changing my 40 yr old cracked asphalt to gravel but I'm worried about piles of gravel on the grass after I shovel.
P.S. I live in Ashaway,RI

Maya said...

I do like the top right one the best too...I think it will be the choice between that one and the smaller ones on the left. Re: shoveling. You just leave a slight layer on and the car's weight will naturally crush through it and not slide. And the winters aren't really that bad at all here. We only had to shovel twice or three times this year.