Jul 9, 2007

Vinyl and Fiber Cement Siding?

The discussion is ongoing. Vinyl shingles on the upper half of the house and fiber cement lap siding on the lower half, or the way it's always been -cedar shingled. There are pros and cons to every version and than there is the reputation of vinyl. I know it's plastic and this is a 1930 house..., but it's actually not cheap. I wish this would answer itself.


CPDay said...

Oh, PLEASE, NO vinyl on that beautiful house! It begs for eastern white cedar shingles, the traditional New England siding.

Vinyl shingles have become very popular on our island in the last few years, but when I spec'ed the Shore House (www.cpday.com) there was never any thought of vinyl. Granted, vinyl can be low maintenance and very weather-proof, but it will still look like plastic to you and others. When just passing by a vinyl shingle house it may look pretty and somehow 'fresh.' Spend some time looking at it, however, and the factory-produced personality may get on your nerves. You may begin to notice the not-really random, fake wood impression patterning (like the repeat in wallpaper).

Cedar, please. Better yet, white cedar.

Maya said...

I know...I keep thinking about vinyl because of better insulation value and longer life. I agree that it would have to be the white cedar, red just has a bit of that cabin feel...still thinking.

CPDay said...

Vinyl certainly has a longer life expectancy. But unless you are using some kind special backed vinyl shingles, they have very little value as insulation.

More important to heating and cooling may be using great care in sealing air leaks. I insist on heavy guage (30 lb.) tar paper under shingles and cement board siding in a coastal location. I've seen Tyvek torn to shreds by wind, and then contractors just putting up the siding anyway.